WordPress Website Management

Common WordPress website management tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Changing text on pages
  • Adding additional pages or blog posts
  • Uploading photos, pdf’s or other media files
  • Rearranging or adding menu items
  • Changing slideshow images
Did you know you can pre-pay (starting at $100) for website management work and save 20% off your total? For example, if you pre-pay for $100 worth of work, you would pay only $80. Learn more below.
Text Changes
$1 Per Minute
$5 Per Upload
Sidebar Items
$5 Per Item
Menu Items
$5 Per Item
Plugins (Setup Charged Separately)
$5 Per Install
Additional Pages
$25 Each
Additional Posts
$25 Each

*Prices Subject to Change

I offer a 20% discount off your total when you pre-pay for website management work. Pre-pays start at $100 and can be increased after that at increments of $50. Please note that your pre-paid amount cannot be used toward any design changes.