WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Categorize a Post

Categorizing your posts make it easier for your visitors to find content. What is a category? Say for example you write posts about animals. One day you write about horses, the next day about cats, and on another day you write about dogs. Your categories would then be Horses, Cats, Dogs.

You can add categories directly from the post you are working on. You will see a Categories box on the right side. Click “+ Add New Category”.

Type your new category name and assign its parent if applicable. Click the “Add New Category” button to finish.

To save your changes, click the “Publish” button.

Another Way to Add Categories
Hover the “Posts” tab and click “Categories”.

Under “Add New Category”, fill out the areas like so:


TIP: If you are unsure what to put as “Slug” you can leave it blank. WordPress will create the slug for you.

Once you have all of your information filled out, click the “Add New Category Button”.


You can also add subcategories. IE. Horses may be your main category, but underneath that you may choose to have different breeds.

To add a subcategory, fill out the areas as shown above, but from the dropdown under Parent, select Horses.


To assign a category to a post, open your post of choice. You will see a Categories box on the right side. Select your category of choice.


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