WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Photo to Your Post

Assuming you have already learned how to create a post in WordPress. You may now be wondering, how do I add a photo?

To start, click your cursor where you would like the photo to appear. Click the “Add Media” button.


Select the “Upload Files” tab. Click the “Select Files” button.


Search your computer for the file you would like to upload and double click or click “Open”. TIP: Instead of clicking “Select Files”, you can also upload photos by dragging them onto that screen. Neat!


Once uploaded, look to the right of the screen and scroll down to the “Attachment Display Settings”.


From the dropdown menu under Alignment, select where you would like your photo to be placed (left, right, center, none).
From the dropdown menu under Link To you have the option to have the photo linked to itself (to view a larger image), its attachment page or a custom URL (ie. a photo that leads to the Google website). If you do not want the photo to be clickable or linked to anywhere, select None.
Your last option is Size. Thumbnail, Medium or Full Size.

Once you have all of your display settings selected, click “Insert into Post”



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