WordPress Tutorial

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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Tags to a Post


If you’ve already learned about categorizing your posts, tags should be an easy step. “Tags are similar to categories, but they are generally used to describe your post in more detail.” – WordPress.com. If you are writing a blog post under the category “Horses” and your post is about brands of horse feed, some of your tags […]

WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Categorize a Post


Categorizing your posts make it easier for your visitors to find content. What is a category? Say for example you write posts about animals. One day you write about horses, the next day about cats, and on another day you write about dogs. Your categories would then be Horses, Cats, Dogs. You can add categories […]

WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Photo to Your Post


Assuming you have already learned how to create a post in WordPress. You may now be wondering, how do I add a photo? To start, click your cursor where you would like the photo to appear. Click the “Add Media” button. Select the “Upload Files” tab. Click the “Select Files” button. Search your computer for the […]

WordPress Tutorial: Password Protect Page


You can put a password on both posts and pages. Here’s how: Look under the “Publish” box and click the “Edit” link next to “Visibility”. Select “Password Protected” and type in the desired password. Click OK. Save your changes by clicking the “Update” button.

WordPress Tutorial: How to Schedule a Post


It’s the weekend and you’ve just created three posts. Great job! What if you do not want to publish them all right now? Say you want one post to publish on Monday, another on Wednesday and the third on Friday. WordPress makes it possible. Before you publish your post, look under the “Publish” box and […]