Gmail for Business, Contracts, Discovery Questions & More

Use the Gmail you love – for business – Want your own email address, but can’t fathom using any other email inbox but Gmail? Well, you don’t have to! You can use the Gmail inbox you love for your business emails. SO HAPPY! Seriously, have you tried using webmail? Ack! Note that you do get a free 30 day trial, but after that you will need to start paying for Google Apps.

Contrast in Context – Here is a good article demonstrating how to use contrast properly. The words you choose to color contrast are conveying a message. Is it the right one?

Calculating Hours – the Client Factors – If you are currently charging your clients equally, you should read this article. “Just because it typically takes me 35 hours to accomplish a typical small project design phase does not mean that it takes 35 hours for every client with similar needs. For Client A it may take me 28 hours and for Client B it may take me 48 hours…”

Design Project Contracts – If you are looking for a tried and true website design contract, check out this freebie from Andy Rutledge. “These contract documents are not merely conceptual examples, but rather tried, tested, and evolved examples (much generalized) of what I’ve used for my projects over the past 6 years.”

Don’t Walk; Run. – This article was written to business owners who are looking to hire a website designer. The article lists various characteristics of an agency that a business owner should never hire. Are you someone business owners should run from?

Design Questions – If you’ve ever asked the question “are there any websites with designs you like?” during your discovery process, I think you will find this article challenging. “The reason I don’t ask design questions of the client is the same reason an architect doesn’t ask the client what PSI the building’s load-bearing foundational structures will need to endure…”

100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing a Website – I wouldn’t recommend you use any of the design related questions, ie. “are there any websites with designs you like?” (see previous link for why), but there are plenty of other great questions you might consider using.

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