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Legal Lesson Learned: Copywriter Pays $4,000 for $10 Photo – A costly, and easy to make mistake. Beware, this could happen to you.

Designing a Guided Tour – “Using what we know of human perception and fundamental artistry, we can lead the visitors’ eye into and through a page.” A helpful article that uses different website design examples to demonstrate the right and wrong way to lead the eye through your design.

New Redux – Website design examples of bad (cluttered, confusing, overwhelming) online newspaper designs and how to fix them.

It’s Not About the Website – “Every Web designer probably has his or her own approach to conducting creative discovery meetings with clients. Surely there is more than one way to skin a cat, but I believe that among the many there are more effective ways and less effective ways.” You have likely made one or more of these blunders during your discovery meetings. I know I have.

No Instruction Necessary – “We all know how a door works, but knowing whether you pull it open or push it open (or both) is sometimes not so obvious. This necessary bit of information is easily communicated by affixing either a handle (pull) or a flat plate (push) to the door. If you use the correct fixture, there’s no need at all for a sign that says “push” or “pull.” So let’s examine how all of this is related to website design…”

Design Psychology -A helpful article that describes the purpose and function of different parts of a website; the logo, main page, interior pages, white space and etc.

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