About Me

My name is Marsha, a Canadian wife & mom who enjoys being creative both online and offline.


The web and I go way back. I started my first website in junior high. I used websites that offered free hosting in exchange for displaying their very prominent ads. Geocities, Tripod, Freewebs, Angelfire – I think I used them all. My website(s) were a place where I could journal online and be creative. I loved switching up the design of my website as I was inspired to. I would doodle my web design ideas in my notebook during class and anxiously awaited home time when I could make them come to life. I continued to design and learn the basics of HTML throughout highschool. Funky Chickens and Lissa Explains it All were two websites I used back then. During this time I also took a website development course and made my first website for someone else. I enjoyed it soo much! Soon after that I created another website for someone else. This was ultimately the beginning of what I do today =). 2009 had many milestones; I got married to my best friend Ryan, Designed by Marsha opened it’s online doors, and I discovered WordPress. Once I started up on WordPress, I was completely and totally converted. I have been working with it on nearly a daily basis since that time. I should also note my love for the Genesis Framework. I purchased the Pro Plus Package in 2011 – great investment! It’s like Christmas everytime I get an email that a new theme has been released!! I am a huge fan of the Genesis Framework and use it exclusively when I set up websites.

I love taking photos! I use my Canon Rebel T1i and my favourite 50mm lens (Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II). I love capturing memories and giving friends and family high quality photos of the ones they love. I also enjoy crafting, drawing (pen & ink is my favourite) and making jewelry. Below are two photos (taken by me, might I add =)) of jewelry I have made.